AIRShip is a multi-faceted technology, described in detail elsewhere in this website and our Support Centre. However, by way of an introduction to AIRShip, here is an overview structured as answers to the most common questions we are asked.

What is AIRShip?

AIRShip enables you to ship and synchronise files via the Internet, and manage your digital workflows. AIRShip delivers files between Locations. Locations are managed by our Shipping Agent application, installed on each computer involved in shipping/synchronising. The Shipping Agents manage the actual delivery, between the Locations they are managing. Assuming that a Company Administrator has set everything up in readiness, all a user needs to do to use AIRShip is the following:

  1. Download and install our Shipping Agent application on each computer you will be using;
  2. Configure each Shipping Agent to manage a specific Location in the AIRShip portal you access;
  3. Use the portal to manage the shipping/synchronisation of your files and any subsequent processing of them.

All shipping/synchronising/processing is managed using AIRShip Workflows. Simply select the Workflow Template you wish to use, then configure it’s Tasks and submit it. You can create custom Workflows to support your organisation’s specific requirements, including integration with third-party systems/applications. AIRShip preserves your file/folder hierarchy at all times.

Shipping files

AIRShip works just like a conventional courier:


Synchronising files

You can also use AIRShip to synchronise files on two or more computers (any changes made to files in nominated Watch Folders on one computer are automatically made to the same files on one or more other computers):




What makes AIRShip stand out from the crowd?

AIRShip’s strengths are its all-round capability and price point. We may have competitors but, across the spectrum of available technologies, AIRShip shines out for its well-balanced combination of user-friendliness, features and extensibility:

AIRShip colour wheel

A comprehensive summary of all AIRShip features is given in the key features page of this website, but here is a top ten:

  1. Unlimited data – no file size limits or any limit to the number of files/folders (and no data pricing tiers);
  2. Unlimited speed – ship/synchronise as fast as your bandwidth allows, with complete control over the amount of bandwidth you want AIRShip to use (and no bandwidth pricing tiers);
  3. All-inclusive licensing – AIRShip licenses give you all-inclusive access to available functionality (additional setup and maintenance fees do apply for private portals);
  4. User-friendly terminology – our Workflows + Projects + Shipping + Synchronising paradigm makes far more sense to users than the tech-speak they often encounter with comparable technologies;
  5. Unified ship and synchronise – both options are accessed via the same intuitive Workflows interface;
  6. Workflow tools – these reflect and support your own organisation’s digital management requirements, including branching data flows;
  7. Reliability – AIRShip is a very mature and durable technology, with intelligent routing, robust auto-resume and dynamic bandwidth management at its core;
  8. Extensibility – automatically trigger third-party applications to process your data before or after delivery;
  9. Security – your data is always encrypted in transit, and while at rest on any intermediate servers in the delivery chain;
  10. Integration – our API enables seamless integration with third-party applications, such that AIRShip functionality is accessed via their interfaces.

Workflow home


Can I customise AIRShip to support my organisation's digital workflows?

Absolutely. If your requirements extend beyond the default Workflow Templates we provide, you can create your own Templates, selecting Task types that reflect the real-world tasks you need to manage, and the order in which they should progress:

Workflow options

Our Process Task enables the integration of AIRShip with other systems. Specifically, you can trigger the launching of third-party applications, which can then process the files that have been selected/shipped/processed once the previous Workflow Task has finished. For example, if you wanted to automatically render some animation frames sent to a destination Location, you would use our Ship files (with post-delivery process) Workflow Template:

Ship, process and workflow template

AIRShip’s Ship files (with post-delivery process) Workflow Template


How can I use AIRShip to deliver my data to multiple destinations?

AIRShip is an ideal platform for managing the delivery of large quantities of data to multiple destinations, using our Cargo and AIRSpace functionality:

  • You can define specific files as a piece of Cargo, which is saved with a user-friendly name;
  • This Cargo is then made available to authorised users and Locations using AIRShip’s Project management tools;
  • Users can push or pull the Cargo to selected Locations, including remotely managing the delivery if required;
  • Cargo can also be pushed to one or more remote Locations – such as cloud-based servers – where the files are then available for on-shipping (we call these locations AIRSpaces);

Push to AIRSpace workflow

A sample Push to AIRSpace Workflow

  • Files remain encrypted on their AIRSpace(s) and you retain complete control over who can access them, and who can manage their subsequent delivery;
  • If you enable our LiveSync functionality for a piece of Cargo on an AIRSpace, AIRShip will check if there are updated versions of any of the files on the source computer and upload these to the AIRSpace, before on-shipping them.

In summary, our Cargo + AIRSpace + LiveSync functionality enables you to set up data delivery the way you want it to work.


What support and technical consultancy is available?

Online support

We strive to make setting up and using AIRShip as straightforward as possible but, if you need help at any time, there is comprehensive guidance and support available via our Support Centre. Once you have installed and configured your Shipping Agents, they will take care of all of your shipping and synchronisation Tasks, so ongoing guidance will mainly be required as you expand your use of AIRShip, and as your systems evolve.

Our Support Centre also incorporates a ticketing system, via which you can submit support requests to our team. All support tickets are tracked and communication is via email notifications.

Telephone support

Telephone support is also available (please contact us for more information and a quotation). Telephone support is included when we supply a private portal.

Technical consultancy

We can provide technical consultancy to help you get the most from AIRShip, including integration with third-party systems (please contact us for more information and a quotation).